About us

Everything you need to know about our company

SUEZ GALPAGRO came into being as a result of the joint venture between SUEZ, a multinational firm specializing in integrated water cycle management, and GALPAGRO, a leading agronomic service company, with the aim of addressing the challenges facing the sector and meeting the modern-day needs of agricultural entrepreneurs in Andalusia, Extremadura and southern Portugal.

Our goal is to provide support and advice for farmers so as to optimize their water consumption and enable them to obtain greater yields from their crops. For this purpose we have a distinctive offer, tailored to more competitive, modern and sustainable agriculture.

Our commitment

At SUEZ GALPAGRO we are committed to agricultural entrepreneurs and we support them throughout the production cycle, enabling them to produce more and better, at a lower cost and with a reduced environmental impact.

We provide integral solutions with high added value in areas such as the water catchment points and crop management.

Why choose us

The modernization of hydraulic infrastructures and irrigation systems is essential for achieving more efficient water and energy use.

At SUEZ GALPAGRO we provide an integrated management model (including financing), enabling agricultural entrepreneurs to make the investments necessary to make their farms profitable.

VisionTo become a benchmark in the management of the entire agricultural production cycle, serving as a strategic partner for agricultural entrepreneurs.

MissionTo help agricultural entrepreneurs to make their farms more profitable and to minimize the environmental impact, adapting to heir real needs.

ValuesPassion for food, commitment, closeness, sustainability, environmental responsibility, innovation and excellence.